I first started this company back in 2016 because I was tired of seeing laziness littering the event entertainment circuit. I wanted to create something where not only we care about each and every client we work with, but that the standard is consistently high week in week out, no matter the event.
This is a boutique entertainment company with a tight-knit collective of around 60 musicians, who each work in the various acts I have put together. Our 4 showbands, string quartet, jazz group and DJ Live act, and various soloists/duos and trios all comprise LDN Entertainment Ltd. The idea is that they may work together to provide the entertainment for weddings and events throughout one day. This is NOT an agency - we created the acts on this site from scratch and each act has its own set of bespoke arrangements.
I hope you enjoy the eclectic array of luxury bands on offer throughout this site. I'm very proud to present you all the best musicians I know from my time as a session singer/arranger/West End performer!



How does the booking process take place?

After you've enquired with us and you're happy to book, there are 3 very simple stages:

1) Fill out our booking form (so we have all the details of your booking in one place.

2) Read and sign the contract.

3) Pay a 20% deposit to confirm the booking.

What do you require from us?


We need floor space or a stage that is separate from the dancefloor, it's no fun for anyone having guests falling over expensive equipment!


- 15 Piece - Width 10m x Depth 5m

- 12 Piece - Width 8m x Depth 4m

- 9 Piece - Width 6m x Depth 3.5m

- 6 Piece - Width 5m x Depth 3m




Also we need around 4 x 13Amp Plug sources to be safe!




The band requires hot meals and soft drinks. These would usually be served after set up or between the first and
second sets.



If the event is outdoors and you require the use of electrical 

equipment we need cover, even if it doesn't look like it's going to rain!

Are the performers always the same as in the videos?

Whilst the singers and musicians in the video are always the first call, occasionally with their busy performing careers they will become unavailable for the date of the event. Fortunately, LDN works as a tight-knit collective of top class performers, so the people coming in to replace the singers are from a selection of the best in the business. After all we'd rather be using top class people with busy careers than settling for second best!

Will you learn our first dance?


Yes! Whatever it may be! We already have a fairly large back catalogue, but if you want something new, we will arrange and learn a first dance free of charge!

Do you take other requests?

We pride ourselves on flexibility, so if you want specific music played at your event, we can collaborate in the run up to it and tailor make your set to best suit your guests. If you want us to learn specific new songs it can absolutely be done just at a very small cost.


How do you entertain guests between sets?

Luckily, some of the band members are DJs, so if you want vibrant live mixes instead of just music played out of an iphone between, before and after the band's set then this is an option to consider! We can also add a sax and percussion to this set up to create a great live, party vibe.


Can you play music for our ceremony?

Yes, we boast a huge range of options for ceremony performances. Check out LDN 1, 2 and 3 for some ideal ceremony options. You can also get our amazing jazz group 'Skyline Jazz' or the string group 'Fortissimi' who can play classical music and all your favourite love songs!


Do you have material for Jewish weddings?

Check out our Jewish Weddings page for more info here! We play regularly at Jewish weddings, and we particularly love performing our Hora set.


How long is a set?

With the showbands we usually perform 2 x 1 hour sets. It can be broken into 3 x 40 mins sets, but we think the night usually flows better when the band perform 2 solid sets. If you want a 3rd hour, just ask, and we can discuss fees!

It's obviously slightly different for the ceremony and reception acts where we usually have to work around your schedule - the string quartet will often do 40 mins for the ceremony, for instance, then 2 x 40 mins in the reception.